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SaveHastings is youth-led non-profit led by students who are determined to combat food insecurity and empower those in Vancouver's DTES.

Unleash Your Heroic Hearts

Our Mission

SaveHastings is youth-led non-profit organization in the DTES working to combat the homelessness crisis. We hold bi-weekly events to hand out essential items to the homeless in order to support those who have lost their homes, wealth, and families.

Unleash Your Heroic Hearts

Our Background

As members of immigrant families, we empathize with those who live in this country with nothings as each of our parents arrived to these lands with only a couple hundred dollars. Many of us are residents of Metro Vancouver and we hope to one day resolve the crisis's of this area.

Unleash Your Heroic Hearts


We are privileged to have an incredibly diverse team of volunteers from all communities, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We come from all walks of life to support one common goal, to end homelessness on East Hastings St.

Flash From the Past

Past Events



At SaveHastings, we've been able to distribute almost 100+ Hasting Hope Kits which are packages we hand craft containing essential toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, hand wipes. In these kits we also package food, water, and band-aids.

Meals delivered

We've delivered over 1,000+ meals to the homeless over a 6 month span, starting from our first food event in November 12th, of 2023. Since then we've only been expanding the sizes of our meals.


Studying the systemic factors leading to the conditions prevalent in East Hastings is crucial. We urge all members to delve into the history of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) to gain a comprehensive understanding of the homelessness issue. This approach will enable us to view the situation through a more informed and empathetic lens.


Collectively, we've raised over $1,000 in non-sponsored donations to help fund our charitable events. Throughout the year we have held numerous fundraiser events which have helped us stay afloat during the current inflationary crisis in Canada.

LIve Donation

Monthly Goal

our goal $2,500.00
Raised $1,098.00
to go $1,402.00


When you give to SaveHastings, 100% of all funding goes towards food, water, Hasting Hope Kits and other essential items for our events.

CONNECT WITH SaveHastings!

Message us through our Instagram below to get in touch with us and see the work we've done within the DTES over the years! For volunteer requests, please use the 'Volunteer' tab above.